Lima, Perú 1991

Silvana Hurtado Dianderas shapes her artistic identity through a profound exploration of materiality within distinct conceptual frameworks. Specializing in interactive installations that challenge traditional artistic engagement, she invites spectators to actively participate in activating her art pieces. By blending sculpture and expanded scenography, Silvana aims to transcend passive contemplation, urging audiences to step beyond comfort zones and engage in nontraditional interactions within artistic spaces. In her recent works, Silvana delves into her own psychological process, sharing personal experiences with PTSD and ADHD. These pieces serve as a platform for audiences to interact and identify with her, utilizing sensorial elements to bridge the gap between artist and spectator.

Exploring her personal narrative, Silvana crafts individual works by drawing primarily from her own experiences, putting senses into practice to establish a profound connection with the public. Delving into realms of sound, taste, and proprioception, she enriches the multisensory experience for viewers while encouraging interaction with her installations, fostering a symbiotic relationship between artwork and spectator. Silvana strives to craft installations where engagement becomes the vital heartbeat, bringing her artwork to life and challenging conventional artistic boundaries. For her, collaboration with fellow artists remains integral, enhancing the development of immersive experiences. These collaborations underscore the immersive nature of her artistic endeavors.

Silvana is currently a member and co-creator of the collective How Do You Eat with Jose Hopkins Brocq.

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The Netherlands

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