Sound Greenhouse

Glass Jars, Speakers, Amplifiers and metal structure.

Sonorous exercise based on the collecting  of flowers’ sounds. If a flower was able to emit a sound, how would it be? Supported by this question, 14 musicians from different nationalities composed unique pieces that represent a flower in its essence. Each jar contains only the name of the flower as a reference.

As soon as the spectator opens and listens to the sound in the jar, it’s conveyed to imagine and experienced while its memory is evoked. Creating relations on how this flower might look, where it’s located or how it might smell.

This installation was created with the collaboration of these great artists: Vanessa Bosch (DE), Julia Naum (DE), Eve Matin (PE), Sofia Athanasoulia (GR), Camille Verhelst (NL), Shlomo Benami (FR), Teté Leguía (PE), Juan Pablo Egúsquiza (PE), Moisés van Oordt (PE), Adrián León (PE), Ricardo Wiesse Hamann (PE), Tomy Herseta (ID), Kayla Zuskin (USA) and Andrei Marambio (PE).

Photo credit: Marc Medina.


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